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Relocations And Interstate Child Custody Issues

Moving to another state can be a challenge for some people. But when that individual is a divorced or single parent, the challenge becomes more complex, typically stirring up questions about an existing child custody order and how it will be affected now that one or both of the child’s parents reside in different jurisdictions.

At the Law Office of Michael Davidson, PLLC, we are more than familiar with the legal issues associated with relocations and are prepared to handle even the most challenging interstate custody cases. Over the last 30 years, we have successfully resolved a number of custody cases involving the custody jurisdictions of other states. With our personalized service, we are sure we can help you as well.

Seeking Modification After Moving Out Of State

When relocation to another state is necessary for a divorced or single parent, our lawyers assist in the process of getting an existing child custody order modified. Before we petition the court, we take all factors into consideration, such as how far the parent is moving away from the child and whether that distance will impact their parenting time. We then help our clients find the balance between protecting their parental rights and doing what is in their child’s best interests.

Addressing Parental Kidnapping

At the Law Office of Michael Davidson, PLLC, we understand that not all interstate custody cases involve a parent moving to another state because of a new job or a desire to be closer to family. In some cases, a parent may purposefully violate a custody order, taking their child to another state to deny the other parent access to their child or, in some cases, in hopes of seeking a sympathetic judge who will give them a more favorable custody arrangement.

At our firm, attorney Michael Davidson ensures the continued protection of your parental rights by enforcing the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. Whether the custody issue concerns the jurisdictions of other states or other countries, he will work hard to ensure the law is upheld and your child is protected.

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