Minimizing Conflict During Divorce Proceedings

At the Law Office of Michael Davidson, PLLC, we know that marital conflict can leave couples feeling frustrated — as if the situation is out of their control — and how overwhelming this can be. We understand how desperately individuals in this situation want someone they can turn to who will be empathetic toward their situation and who also has the legal experience they need to reliably handle their legal issues.

Our law firm prides itself on being able to provide this support to individuals and families throughout Lexington-Fayette County and the state of Kentucky. We specialize in conflict resolution, which generally eases our clients' stress level and helps them focus on making important, life-changing decisions about their family.

Because of our experience handling all areas of family law, we can assist divorcing clients with most issues, such as:

If domestic violence is an issue, we can also help clients petition the court for a protective order.

Providing Divorce Alternatives To Kentucky Clients

In addition, we also offer divorce alternatives like legal separations and mediation. Our trained collaborative family law attorney, Michael Davidson, also has more than with the collaborative divorce process. He himself has effectively assisted clients in a number of successful mediations, including complex cases involving high-asset issues.

His in-depth legal knowledge allows him to work efficiently with his clients, helping them find solutions without litigation.

Experience Handling High-Asset Divorce Issues

Perhaps some of the most complex divorce issues are those involving high-income cases. They typically have a lot more to lose during property division and may have concerns about their spouse hiding assets. Additionally, because divorce proceedings are a public matter in Kentucky, an individual's reputation could be affected as well.

We understand the sensitive nature of high-asset cases, which is why we handle them with the utmost discretion and do what we can to keep the matter private and out of the public eye.

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