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Modifying A Child Support Order

In some situations, it may be necessary to increase or even decrease the amount of child support paid to a custodial parent, such as if the child’s financial needs change or because of job loss. Though circumstances may have changed, a support order does not unless the order is properly modified.

In Kentucky, the increase and decrease of a child support amount requires a substantial and continuing change in circumstances. In case of a request for an increase, the custodial parent would need to demonstrate that an increase is justified. In case of a request for a decrease, the noncustodial parent would also need to prove a decrease is justified due to changed circumstances.

Modifying Maintenance/Alimony Orders

Just as with child support orders, a significant change in financial circumstances may force a spouse to need more spousal support or cause a spouse to be unable to meet their obligation. In such situations, modification of a court order may be necessary with the help of an experienced lawyer.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

At the Law Office of Michael Davidson, PLLC, we know that support payments do not change unless the support order is properly modified, which is why we help our clients present the right evidence to the court to ensure fair changes are made. We guide clients through the proper legal channels and make sure they are thoroughly prepared to present their case.

Whether we’re representing noncustodial or custodial parents after a custody determination, or a spouse who needs to modify an order for maintenance after a high-asset divorce, we make sure that any decision to modify an existing support order is fair and in our clients’ best interests.

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At the Law Office of Michael Davidson, PLLC, we take pride in the respect we have earned over the last 30 years for the compassionate and thorough service we provide families in Kentucky. Our attorneys make sure each one of our clients receives the individualized attention they deserve and that their legal needs are taken care of.

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