Mediation: Your Divorce Alternative

Because of its nature, divorce can leave some individuals hesitant to take the first steps toward dissolving their marriage. For starters, divorce proceedings are public matters, meaning privacy typically isn't an option in most cases. In addition to that, some divorce proceedings can turn into a lengthy and costly process that takes a lot of time and energy to resolve.

At the Law Office of Michael Davidson, PLLC, we understand how frustrating the divorce process can be, which is why we offer clients an alternative: divorce mediation. More private and less expensive, mediation encourages couples to work together using conflict resolution, thereby offering a better path toward a mutual agreement than the standard divorce process.

The Benefits Of Mediation Over Court

At our law firm, we suggest mediation to clients who are looking for an alternative to traditional divorce court or in situations where traditional divorce proceedings would cause considerable problems. The benefits to divorce mediation are that it:

  • Promotes a nonadversarial approach to divorce negotiations
  • Allows individuals to remain in control of the divorce process
  • Can be less stressful for adults and children
  • Costs less than traditional divorce proceedings
  • Keeps divorce proceedings out of the public eye
  • Takes less time than a typical divorce

When you obtain our services, our lawyers genuinely listen to your situation and any concerns you might have about the divorce process. We will then walk you through the process, helping you make decisions about the division of assets and debts, custody and timesharing/visitation, and requests for spousal maintenance and child support payments.

Experienced in mediation and conflict resolution

Our lawyers take stress out of the equation with divorce proceedings, giving you the environment you need to come to a mutually agreed upon settlement with your ex-spouse. Attorney Michael Davidson is one of our highly trained lawyers. He is proficient in collaborative divorce techniques and has assisted in numerous successful mediations, including mediations in high-asset divorce cases.

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